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Locally Sourced × Crafted with Love since 1980


Located in East Bakersfield, CA, Wall Street Imprintables is the go to shop for anything screen print, embroidery, heat press or promotional, since 1980.


Wall Street Imprintables, has been a staple in Bakersfield, Ca for over 35 years. Whether you are looking for high quality prints, a family friendly environment or to know your order will be handled with the utmost care, we've got you covered.


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Our story

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Circa 1937


It all started...

In the early 1900's, when the brothers Webby (Thomas, John, Steven, Neddy and George) traveled to America via Ellis Island with thousands of other immigrants in hopes of starting a new life in America. In 1937, the Webby brothers began selling produce in Brockton, Massachusetts by way of horse-drawn cart. They worked tirelessly to ensure their produce was the most fresh and best tasting around. Their service was second to none, as they were always encouraging potential buyers to taste their produce before making a purchase. 

Circa 1934

The produce was so excellent and in conjunction with top-level customer service, their business thrived and grew exponentially. They were a local favorite and the majority of their marketing arrived in the form of happy customers. Thanks in large part to their early footwork, they had enough of a demand to allow them to open Webby Brothers Market in Brockton, Mass.

Dominic Webby, son of Ernest, learned the importance of providing an excellent product as well as making customer service the highest priority, in his time working with his father and uncles at the market. 

Dominic, Stella and Baby Liz

After the early death of his father in 1976, Dominic moved briefly to Long Island, New York to work with his brother Richard, who owned a construction company. In 1977, Dominic moved to Bakersfield, California, where he would make his eventual mark on the world and touch so many lives in the process. This move would ultimately lead him to meet the love of his life Stella while attending Bakersfield College. By 1978 the couple would dedicate their lives to each other and their love would only grow stronger from that day.

Wall Street Alley T-Shirt Co. is Born...

In 1980, the happy couple attended the Webby Family Reunion in Brockton Mass. Dominic made a decision that would shape the next 35 plus years of his life, he decided to make shirts for his entire family. The shirts were such a crowd pleaser, that it stoked a fire in his imagination, which would ultimately lead to the birth of The Wall Street Alley T-Shirt Company in Bakersfield, Ca.

The business began with two employees, his loving wife Stella and one young artist just out of high school. The humble beginnings of the idea turned business, yielded a 600 sq ft. space located above the famous Guthrie's Alley Cat. Louie's art table came in the form of a wooden crate and Webby's desk was disproportionate to his large frame. The screen printing equipment was bare bones- a four-color screen printer, a 10 foot dryer and some wooden screens. Dominic and Stella, were self-taught and learned primarily through trial and error. However, they were eager to follow the Webby family tradition by providing an excellent product and providing the best customer service. It wasn't long before the couple were experts in their trade.

In 1983, the business had outgrown its original location. From humble beginnings, this once "mom and pop" shop, much like a caterpillar, was ready for a transformation. The new home was a whopping 1,400 sq. feet, doubling the space previous owned by the young couple. The newly acquired elbow room, allowed for the  expansion of the young company. The once screen print only shop, now added both an embroidery and promotional products department. In the time there, Wall Street Alley T-Shirt Co. expanded from one to six office spaces, a total of 5,600 sq ft. As fast as the company was growing, the Webby family was growing just as fast, Dominic and Stella had three sons, Lucas, Samuel and Benjamin, along with one daughter Elizabeth.


A Life Change...Dominic Meets God

While the business grew, so did some of the pressures that can mess up a life. Dominic had allowed himself to become involved in drugs, and in 1984, he was arrested. In 1985, he went to prison for fourteen months. It was in prison he met a man who would change his life forever - Jesus Christ. Dominic counts it as the experience of his life. When he was released from prison, he spent four months at a halfway house. By the time he came home in the summer of 1987, he was a different man. He wanted his life and his business to honor God from that point forward.

Values that he learned working at Webby Bros. Market years earlier in life carried into his business at Wall St. Alley T-Shirt Company and became even more important to Dominic. He and Stella not only wanted to provide excellent products and quality customer service, but honesty, integrity, and ethics were re-emphasized in all their dealings. Customers had always been special people to them, but they became like family. In addition to being a great business, the Webbys began the practice of giving back to the community in a variety of ways over the years. Success, is touching lives, to them that is every bit as important as the creating and selling of products.

One of the most memorable highlights of the then Wall St. Alley T-Shirt company, was after the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York. The company initially created a "United We Stand" T-shirt for their employees as a statement of patriotism and unity. People in the community saw the shirts and wanted them too. It became a symbol of a community coming together to support our country, our troops, and all of the fallen heroes. Orders started pouring in, not just locally, but from several surrounding counties and even out-of-state. People came and waited in long lines to buy the "United We Stand" T-shirts. Wall St. Alley T-Shirt company was given an opportunity by the United Way to give back to the families of the fallen heroes in New York, when they offered to match the amount Dominic and Stella decided to donate via the sale of the shirts. The challenge was on! The Wall St. Alley employees and numerous volunteers worked long hours daily to fold and pack the T-shirt orders. Dominic and Stella stopped all general business for two weeks and only printed the "United We Stand" T-shirts.

In the end, over 25,000 shirts were printed and sold for cost only - no profit. A total of $62,500 was raised. The United Way, matched that amount, and a grand total of $130,00was contributed to the New York Police and Fire Departments for the Fallen Heroes and their families. "Because of all the support we had from the community - employees and volunteers, we were able to meet this challenge," says Stella Webby. "It was both a community-wide sacrifice and a be able to help our fellow Americans. America is a country of giving. This initial, simple, random act of kindness united our small community to America as a whole. Our community truly stepped up to join the revival of patriotism in our country. This effort was not only a good thing, but a God thing. It went beyond us - a small hometown company. He used people from all walks of life and different faiths here in Bakersfield to bless people on the other side of the country. May God continue to bless our country and draw us together."


God Fulfills a Dream

In 2005, Dominic and Stella changed the name of the business to Wall Street Imprintables inc. and moved to their current location at 4125 E. Brundage Ln, Bakersfield, 93307, fulfilling a long-time dream of constructing their own building. It is 10,000 sq. The Wall Street Experience, continues to thrive due to our family oriented business model, tremendous staff, as well as our loyal clientele of over 35 years. Because of the support of our wonderful community, the Wall Street Experience has since expanded to become Kern County's One-Stop-Shop, offering several services, such as screen print, embroidery, promotional products, heat applied graphics as well as our in-house creative department. Come experience, all that Wall Street Imprintables has to offer.

Pro 3.5/6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways submit to him,

and he will make your paths straight.



In the Community

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August 1, 2017- Wall Street Imprintables teamed up with houchin blood bank to host our first annual blood drive.

June 21, 2017-Go Skateboarding Day 2017-Wall Street Imprintables designed a limited edition shirt commemorating the event. We showed up, surprised a lot of participants by passing out free shirts and had loads of fun.









Buck Owens' Crystal Palace

Buck Owens' Crystal Palace

Guthries's Alley Cat

Guthries's Alley Cat







Moo Creamery

Moo Creamery

Houchin Blood Bank

Houchin Blood Bank




Dewar's Ice Cream and Fine Candies

Heather Dewar (Owner)

Wall Street Imprintables has been doing our screen printing and embroidery for nearly 30 years. We also run a family owned business, so the history and relationships we have established represent who we are. We would recommend Wall Street to those interested in a quality product, but who also understand the importance of quality customer service. The staff at Wall Street is experienced, attentive, and pleasant to work with. We have a history here, and so should you!

RObert Moncada

My business and personal relationship has seen the company’s transition from Wall St. Alley T-Shirt Company to Wall Street Imprintables. Their quality of work and customer service has just gotten better as they have grown. I have great confidence in their work, their timing on delivery, and I can always be comfortable that I will receive fair and competitive pricing. Great family – great business.

East Bakersfield High School

Luigi's Restaurant

Gino valpredo (Owner)

I have known and worked with Dominic and Stella Webby for fifteen years. I have always found them to provide excellent quality products on time. I know them to be super honest and a family- oriented business. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Sue Beal (Grower Relations)

I have always had the best experience with Wall Street Imprintables. They go out of their way to make me feel like I am a member of the family, and I appreciate that. I have been dealing with Dominic Webby and his staff now for over 14 years. I know I will be given the highest quality service and the best price in town. From caps to shirts, I trust Wall Street Imprintables to meet my needs. Thank You, Dominic, Stella, and the WSI team for all your help. Your customer support is outstanding.

Grimmway Farms

Grimmway Farms

Mandy Harris (Executive Assistant)

In the 20 + years I have worked with Dominic Webby and his staff at Wall Street Imprintables, they have impressed me on many levels! Their ideas, responsiveness, and service always surpass my expectations. Wall Street’s track record of on-time deliveries and reasonable prices continue to amaze me after all this time. They are the best!

Tracy Hunter (Community relations account manager)

The beauty of Wall Street Imprintables is the relationships they have with their customers. As a Community Development representative for Houchin Community Blood Bank and a long time customer for more than 10 years, (having worked for two employers who use their services and products on a regular basis) my experience is that Dominic and Stella Webby and their team are committed to providing you with excellent service and a quality product. They make you feel so special, as if you were part of the Wall Street Family. Their team is creative, easy to work with, and they meet every delivery deadline! They are open to suggestion and feedback, and care about their customer’s mission. It is wonderful working with Wall Street Imprintables and all of their staff.

Houchin Blood Bank

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